Saturday, March 28, 2009

I just have to share this with everyone!

My candle business is about to get EVEN BETTER! That's right! You heard it here first!

The company I work with has just announced that they are adding a line of ALL NATURAL, MINERAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS! How exciting is that?!

The products are expected to kick-off in MAY and here is what we will offer:

MINERAL FOUNDATION - 8 SHADES to start with; made with natural bismuth ingots



PRESSED POWDER - perfect for those who do not want the MINERAL FOUNDATION

BLUSH - 5 SHADES to start with

EYESHADOW - 16 SHADES to start with

SLIMLINE LIPSTICK - 10 SHADES to start with; made with Vegetable Oils/Natural Wax...

LIPGLOSS - 10 SHADES to start with; Sunflower Oils, Vitamin E...

MASCARA - BLACK and BROWN; purified water, moisturizing oils...

BRUSHES - a line of makeup brush applicators

So, there you have it!

I will keep you posted with more and will post photos/video when I get it!