Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Tribute Tuesday is to honor charities, charitable groups and those who go above and beyond for their charities.


Bear Hugging the stuffing out of childhood illnesses!

Bear2Care2009, founded by Jeff Cooper,is an organization th at wants to bring joy to children who are battling Life-threatening Illnesses by bringing them teddy bears..

They also have a list of children who are in different states that they mail teddy bears to.

Bear2Care wants to raise awareness on childhood illnesses, in hopes of finding a cure for those illnesses that currently do not have one.

It is the Mission of Bear2Care to reach every child across America and bring a small amount of joy into their lives.

On July 31st, Bear2Care will be meeting in Chicago at Childrens' Memorial Hospital for their first ever Bear Hug Event. At that time, 250 bears will be delivered to the children at the hospital.

If you would like to make a donation:


You can contact Jeff on twitter: @jeff0134

Or mail it to:

1120 Cedar
Michigan City, Indiana

All donations are used by Bear2Care2009 to mail out bears, cards, and for the general cost of running a charity.

Bear Hugging the stuffing out of childhood illnesses!

You can contact Jeff at @Jeff0134
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