Saturday, September 19, 2009

WAT-AAH Review and Giveaway

Thanks so much for all the entries. This contest is closed. My winner is clallen!

With the kids back in school, it is even more important for us to teach them about healthy drinking choices and their need to stay hydrated. Many students are drinking during their lunchtime and rarely any more than that throughout the day. This is not healthy at all.

So, how do we teach them to drink more? Better yet, how do we get them away from the juice boxes and sodas and drinking what they need: WATER?

The solution is Here:

WAT-AAH! is the first 100% sugar-free, functional beverage brand designed especially for kids. WAT-AAH! was launched in June 2008 in New York . It is currently distributed in more than 250 stores including Whole Foods Market. The brand was recently named by Trend Hunter magazine as one of the Best Products for Kids in 2009. WAT-AAH! contains no sugar, artificial flavors, colors or unnatural additives. WAT-AAH! is ultra pure water containing the right amount of essential ingredients such as magnesium, electrolytes and oxygen to help maintain children's health. WAT-AAH!'s mission is to reverse the established behavior and dependency on sweetened drinks among America's children, and ultimately help fight the battle against childhood obesity and to teach kids that healthy bodies can be obtained through healthy hydration,

The Review:

I had been watching reviews of WAT-AAH popping up all over the blogosphere so I decided to find out what the buzz was all about. Through my membership at The Product Review Place, I was able to contact WAT-AAH and request my own review of their products. I was sent bottles of WAT-AAH and some marketing materials: tattooes, stickers, ets.... in exchange for my honest review of their product.

Once I received the product and began removing it from its box, the biggest attraction for the product became quite evident: The appearance of the bottles.

Don't they look neat? Psst....... I would drink them based on appearance. lol I put the WAT-AAH in my fridge to get good and cold. I love really cold water. My son comes in a couple hours later, looks in the fridge and says, "Cool, what is this?" So I tell him it's water and explain each bottle to him (I'll tell you that in just a sec) and he's like, "Hmm... they look cool." Then, he takes the WAT-AAH instead of the soda. This is BIG! He loves Mountain Dew but he chose WAT-AAH instead. Now for the bottle explanation:

The Blue bottle is for the Brain: Ultra purified water, kid-friendly electrolytes and NO SUGAR

The Orange Bottle is for Bones: Ultra purified water, bone-building magnesium and NO SUGAR

The Pink Bottle is for Body: Pure spring water, no sodium, no chemicals, NO SUGAR

The Green Bottle is for Energy: Ultra purified water, energizing oxygen and NO SUGAR

I honestly cannot attest to whether or not each bottle is effective in the area it is designed for. Maybe if I were drinking it daily for a period of time, I could reap the benefits..... I can't say. What I can say is the water is good. It has a pure, clean taste. If there are the above mentioned additives, they do not affect the flavor of the water.

My opinion is, if you want your child drinking more water, the bottle alone will get them to do it, from my experience. I kept the bottles after we tried the WAT-AAH and keep them filled with water and my son will still grab them from the fridge.

Now, WAT-AAH would like for you to have the opportunity to introduce your children to their products and to encourage them to stay away from sugary drinks. They are providing one of my followers with a WAT-AAH Backpack filled with fun, back-to-school items and WAT-AAH samples.

This giveaway will run until September 28th at 11:59 pm CST and will be open to everyone. You must leave your contact information in the post unless you have a blog link to your e-mail. Please, leave a separate comment for each entry. The main entry must be completed before the additional entries or all entries will be invalid. The main entry is 2 part so make sure you do both.

Good luck!

Main Entry:

* Tell me what you are doing to get your child drinking more water.

Make sure you do both, then leave a comment telling me.

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Good luck to everyone!


Chandice said...

I give it to my little guy in a big boy cup which he likes :)

Chandice said...

I left a comment on the Heart of the Home post. :)

Chandice said...

I follow you on Twitter.

Chandice said...

I follow your blog publicly. I hope you've gotten your soda, you have right? Sorry, it's alot slower when the company mails the prize :(

Chandice said...

I follow WAT-AAH on Twitter :)

clallen said...

i have been adding ice and squeezed lemon to our water to get my kids to drink it. thanks clallen at ntin dot net

clallen said...

I left a comment on the Heart of the Home post thanks clallen at ntin dot net

clallen said...

follow wataah on twitter clallen at ntin dot net

clallen said...

Congratulations, clallen
You are now following WAT-AAH! BLOG , clallen at ntin dot net

clallen said...

follow you on twitter clallen at ntin dot net

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wat aah face book fan clallen at ntin dot net

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You already follow Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! blog clallen at ntin dot net

Sheila Rae said...


Great Blog. I am following you with both my blogs, and would love for you to follow back.

I will also place your button on both my Blog Love rolls if you place my buttons here.


Tamara B. said...

My daughter loves a little slice of lemon in her water and she drinks more by doing that.

Tamara B. said...

I follow you blog publicly

Tamara B. said...

I am a fan WAT-AAH on Facebook

Tamara B. said...

I left a comment at your post Where is the heart of your home.

Tamara B. said...

I follow the WAT-AAH blog

Naddez said...

I buy flavor water for my teens, and they love it! :)

Naddez said...

Follow WAT-AAH on twitter: Naddez. (please follow me)

Naddez said...

Follow WAT-AAH blog. (please follow me)

Naddez said...

Follow on Twitter- Naddez. (please follow me)

Naddez said...

Added your button on my sidebar @

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