Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting Dinner Ready in a Flash - Samsung Sweepstakes

Samsung and TwitterMoms are asking,"With Our Busy Schedules, What Are Your 3 Valid Tips for Getting Dinner Ready in a Flash?"

This is a great question to pose during these time when life can get so hectic. For some families, they are involved in so many activities that they don't have time to just sit down and share dinner. I know, at one time, I worked full time as a police officer, well, a criminal investigator, so I was on call 24/7, volunteered as an Emergency Medical Technician for the Rescue Squad and was on call 24/7 and volunteered as a firefighter and, yep, was on call 24/7. I did these all at the same time. If that isn't a full enough schedule, add to it that I was also a single parent. So, I knew about busy schedules.

But, you know, I made time. I developed short cuts. Short cuts that I still use. There are days, with this injury, when I just have too much pain to prepare a large meal so I need time savers.

Here are my 3 tips. I hope they help you:

(1) I learned the power of the Crock Pot. What a life saver! There are so many different recipes you can use in a Crock Pot. It's just amazing. I also liked the fact that, if I couldn't make it home for dinner, it was ready and safe for Cody to serve himself. Now, I don't have to tend to it so it is ready when we are.

(2) I also try to cook extra so I can freeze and reheat. Soups, stews, spaghetti sauce, casseroles.... You name it. Just cook in bulk and freeze the remainder for later. Then, just pop it in the microwave or warm it in a pot, maybe add some can vegetables or rolls.

(3) Now, you can't forget the frozen meals. Years ago, this was one of the routes you didn't want to take. The meals were small and tasted bland and, at times, downright disgusting. That isn't the case anymore. You can get good, healthy meals that are ready in a matter of minutes. Plus, they are easy for a child to prepare if you cannot get home on time or at the same time. Again, now, I can eat a healthy meal without having to stand over the stove.

Take the time, be creative and you, too, can develop a "strategy" to simplify your busy life. It really is worth it.

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Nichol said...

Crock-Pot is the best it's everyone's favorite!

Wendy said...

#1- depend on you grocery ads for advance planning

#2- do similar "prep" for more than one recipe

#3 - use the crock pot or plan on one pot/casserole meals (even from the freezer!)

Anonymous said...

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?