Friday, December 11, 2009

Mumoocie Co Sleeping Pillow - 25% Off and Free Shipping

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Charlotte, NC woman partners with two Orlando, FL women and invent a luxury Talking Pillow.  Determined to keep the work here in the USA, discovers an Orlando, FL manufacturer who also provides superior quality work for Disney.

The idea came about because of her child, who could not sleep alone because she was afraid of monsters under the bed. Sleep anxiety and sleep deprivation are at epidemic proportions, as Americans are losing sleep for many reasons.

Mumoocie is the solution for co sleeping and adults who love spooning. This unique, one of a kind, spooning pillow, covered with a designer fabric that retains heat and scent, simulates lying down next to someone in front of you or behind you, while allowing comfort and security when sleeping alone.  

Some of the biggest Mumoocie fans are spouses who travel, those in nursing homes, patients in hospitals, military families...Mumoocie is for everyone, including pets with separation anxiety.  For added comfort, there is an optional voice recorder so that a personal and loving message, can be heard and played.


Devon A. said...

I have one of these pillows not just for my daughter but for me too. I love this body pillow, it fits everyone.

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