Friday, May 28, 2010

Through the Looking.... Glasses?

Have you ever noticed that it seems nearly everyone wears eyeglasses or contacts? Is it that we don't take care of our eyes, put them under too much strain or do we pass it on from one family member to another?  I'm sure it's passed on through families. Both my Parents, Grandparents on both sides, both brothers and both sisters wear eyeglasses. Isn't that strange? I have 20/20 vision with both eyes open and 20/25 in my left eye. It's been that way for several years without changing. The doctors say that I'll eventually need eyeglasses to correct it but, for right now, I don't have to have them. Now, I did turn 40 this year so, from what I understand, the body changes quite a bit in this age group so it may not be much longer.

It just seems so strange that those not wearing  prescription glasses or contacts are the minorities. I know many people struggle with prescription glasses. They have to be bothersome. I always played sports and I cannot imagine having to deal with keeping the glasses on my nose, especially when you get to running and sweating. I think it'd be hard for me even with contacts. Sweat gets in your eyes and the first instinct is to rub them. Then there's the yearly exams to see if you need to adjust the prescription and what about the cost?

I know, growing up, glasses were almost 'cool'. It seemed everyone had them. I can even remember the 'trend' of wearing frames with no glass in them. Honestly, and this is not to offend anyone, but I thought those people were nuts. I always treasured my good vision. Was proud of it. I could read things really far off. The best part though was when we would go out at hunting rabbits and things. I could spot them long before the offers. I was known for my 'eagle eyes'.

Well, overall, I guess it can't be too awful bad. I mean, it's got to be worth it to be able to see. I know its become so much easier the past few years because you can get glasses online. You don't have to make trips back and forth to the doctor's office. You can just send in the prescription, pick your frames and they'll send them right out to you.

Speaking of ordering online, did you know that you can get 10% off your next purchase of prescription glasses by going to Glasses USA and using the code mommy10.


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