Thursday, June 4, 2009

ALL NATURAL CANDLES - CLEARANCE - Save Big, Now on Jars, Votives and Melts

Hello, my friends! As most of you know, I have a candle business, Serene Moments. From time to time, as we add new scents to our lists, it becomes necessary to retire or discontinue other scents. So, while quantities last, I am having a Clearance Sale on these scents.

If you are looking for an all natural, clean burning (soot free) candle with a long burn time and CLEARANCE PRICED, you are at the right place.

E-mail for pricing:


Apples & Peaches Votives

Apricot & Freesia 16oz Jar

Apricot & Freesia Votives

Blackberry Sage 16oz Jar

Blackberry Sage Votives

Blueberry Cobbler Votives

Cinnamon Tea 16oz Jar

Cinnamon Tea Votives

Cotton Candy Votives

Ginger & Cedarwood 16oz Jar

Ginger & Cedarwood Votives

Hollyberry 16oz Jar

Hollyberry Votives

Hot Orange Danish 16oz Jar

Hot Orange Danish Votives

Mango Tea 16oz Jar

Mango Tea Votives

Melts - Apples & Peaches

Melts - Apricot & Freesia

Melts - Blackberry Sage

Melts - Blueberry Cobbler

Melts - Cinnamon Tea

Melts - Coconut Macaroon

Melts - Cotton Candy

Melts - Ginger & Cedarwood

Melts - Hollyberry

Melts - Hot Orange Danish

Melts - Mango Tea

Melts - Maple Syrup

Melts - Mountain Pine

Melts - Orange Creamsicle

Melts - Peppermint Truffle

Melts - Roasted Chestnuts

Melts - Tequila Sunrise

Melts - White Choc & Coffee

Norwegian Wood Votives

Orange Creamsicle Votives

Peppermint Truffle 16oz Jar

Peppermint Truffle Votives

Roasted Chestnuts Votives

White Choc & Coffee 16oz Jar

White Choc & Coffee Votives


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