Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring is here and Summer isn't far off! You have to add this to your list of recipes!


1 box of Twinkies (can use Light)
2 boxes of Vanilla Pudding
1 small container of Sour Cream (can use light)
1 container of Cool Whip (can use light or fat free)
Milk, as needed for pudding

Prepare pudding as instructed on box and let set.
Add in containers of Cool Whip and Sour Cream.
Mix together.
Line 9 x 13 dish with Twinkies. (I sometimes cut them in half)
Pour mixture over Twinkies and spread out!

Can be topped with strawberries, cherries, whatever you like.
Is also really good frozen!

You are done! You will absolutely fall in love with this dessert. With it's simplicity and wonderful taste, it is sure to become a family favorite!