Saturday, September 12, 2009

Holding On To Summer - Popsicle Giveaway - 8 Winners

This giveaway is Closed! Thanks for participating.

Fall is coming: FAST! Can you believe it? We had such a mild summer and it doesn't seem like we've had enough chances to bask in the sunshine.

How did this happen? Aaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh........

Well, I'm teaming up with Popsicle and we're saying:

We ain't through with you yet!

That's right! We're doing one last ditch effort to hold on to summer by celebrating with Popsicle. Personally, I can eat popsicles any time of year. It can be freezing outside and I'll be warm and toasty, inside eating popsicles.

If you haven't checked out Popsicle's products lately........ SHAME ON YOU! Sorry, couldn't resist! heehee Let me show you a few of their products, but first:

My Popsicle disclaimer: Popsicle sent me coupons and product for a product review, but I was not compensated monetarily for this review.

In so saying, Popsicle sent me two (2) boxes of their New! Slow Melts to try and they were really fabulous! Plus, Moms and Dads, these little jewels are only 40 calories and 10 grams of carbohydrates. No big time sugar rushes or other problems caused by too much sugar.

The box of Fantastic Fruity comes has Cherry, Strawberry-Kiwi and Lemonade. The flavors, as with all Popsicle products are really good. The Lemonade is probably my favorite out of the three.

The box Mighty Minis comes in Fruit Punch, Tropical Orange, Lemon-Lime, Strawberry-Kiwi and Watermelon. All really good flavors here, too. My favorite of these is probably the Tropical Orange. My most favorite thing about the Minis is their size. They are perfect for even the tiniest mouths. They are less than half the size of normal popsicles.

Now, what is this Slow Melt thing I keep talking about? These popsicles have gelatin added to them so they don't melt as quickly. Less messes, too. Can't beat that, huh?

As many of you know, Popsicle carries a large line of popsicles, fudgsicles, creamsicles and a line of "quick grab" products for "on the go". They also have flavors available in Sugar Free and Fat Free:

And they carry Novelty popsicles:

So whatever your taste or preference, Popsicle will have just what you need.

Now to the really fun part. Popsicle wants me to share. Yep, they have sent me coupons for FREE BOXES OF POPSICLES and I have enough for eight (8) people. So, if you want a coupon, here's what you have to do:

You must complete the main entry to be eligible for the extra entries. This contest will run until Monday, Sept. 21st at 11:59 CST. Make sure you leave your contact information so I can get in touch with you when you win. Please, leave a separate comment for each entry. Thanks and Good luck!

Main Entry:

Tell me your favorite Popsicle product and flavor.

Extra Entries:

(1) Follow Popsicle on twitter.

(2) Follow my blog or tell me if you already do.

(3) Follow me on twitter: SereneMoments

(4) Go to "The Popsicle Story" and tell me one of the "Did you Know....?" items there.

House of Jerky Review

This is the most perfect time of year to think of jerky. The temperatures are starting to drop and, although most men I know eat jerky year round, it seems that deer season brings on massive jerky buying sprees.

Earlier this year, I met Janie on twitter. Janie is with the House of Jerky and is a super nice lady. Janie was kind enough to send me a "bundle" of jerky to try out and write a review about. On the day the package arrived, my son, Cody and his friends, Chris and Eddie were hanging out at the house which is sometimes rare. They were more than happy to "test" the jerky with me and give their opinions of each flavor. So, this review has the honest opinions of Me and 3 young men.

Here we go:

Beef flavors:

Natural - Our natural flavor is rich in the natural taste of top quality beef. With just a hint of spices and natural smoke flavor, this treat is hard to beat. Our unique recipe is always moist and fresh.

Us: Well liked by us all, but my favorite. It had the perfect blend of flavors. Not spicy, not sweet, just a good smoky, jerky flavor.

Sweet & Spicy - A great treat for those who like sweet and spicy foods. Formulated with honey, brown sugar, and pineapple juice for the sweet taste and tabasco sauce, white pepper and cayenne pepper for the spicy tang. Real zip!

Us: This selection was left to the boys to taste. I cannot do spicy, even in small doses. This flavor was clearly a top pick and the favorite for Cody and Chris. A perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavoring. The heat nor the sweet was overpowering. Once it was gone, they wanted more!

Teriyaki - Our Teriyaki Flavor is one of our best sellers. If you have ever tried Teriyaki beef jerky and didn't like it, we guarantee you will love this. With a compliment of just the right amount of sweetness and spices, this unique recipe can not be duplicated anywhere.

Us: This was the 2nd most favorite for us. It was really good. It was not too sweet or too spicy, just a pleasant combination of seasonings.

Black Pepper -Our Black Peppered flavor is a perfect recipe for those who like a certain zing to their beef jerky. Made with crushed black pepper, this tasteful snack is hard to put down. This treat is great for all occasions and will be one of your favorites.

Us: This was the favorite for Eddie but we all liked it. It has just the right amount of black pepper to enhance to the flavor of the beef. It was really good.

- Our Hot flavor is for those who dare! Made with habenero peppers, this treat requires lots of refreshments. Not exactly a "Chernobyl" type of hot, but just enough to appreciate the numbness of your taste buds with an incredible flavor!

Us: I left this one for the boys to try. I can't eat anything with even a little "zip" to it. The boys liked this one, but could only eat a little at a time. It is not for the "faint of heart" and was, to them, just almost too hot to eat.

Turkey flavors:

Black Pepper and Teriyaki - I must admit, the turkey flavors were a "NO" for us all. They weren't horrible by no means. I think it was probably just new flavors that you would need to get used to, as far as jerky goes. We have had the venison jerky, but, outside of that, it's been just the traditional jerkys. Lord knows, I love turkey and eat it year round, so that's my best explanation.

Black Pepper - Our Black Peppered flavor is a perfect recipe for those who like a certain zing to their beef jerky. Made with crushed black pepper, this tasteful snack is hard to put down. This treat is great for all occasions and will be one of your favorites.

Teriyaki - Our Turkey Jerky is available in Teriyaki flavor. The teriyaki seasoning is just the right flavor to compliment the natural taste of turkey. For those who are health conscious or just appreciate the unique recipe we have developed over the years to make the best Turkey Jerky in any house.

About House of Jerky:

House of Jerky® products are always made fresh with no preservatives or MSG added. Our superior flavor comes from our seasoning and marinating process.

Gourmet Jerky
House of Jerky's® unique recipes ensure exceptional taste and quality
No Preservatives
No Artificial Colors
No Nitrites
No Flavor Enhancers
High Protein - Low Fat
Our Jerky is made from Grade A, USDA inspected meats
USDA approved, licensed and daily inspected facility
Free shipping with every order

Overall, I will highly recommend House of Jerky to you. When it comes to jerky, they have it down to an art. The customer service is great. Janie is great. She is friendly and, after months of dealing with her I can tell you, it's not all about business. She is a genuine person who cares about you and likes sharing her life with her "virtual friends" on twitter. This alone would make me buy from House of Jerky. What an added bonus!

I also want to point out their program for Soldiers:

Jerky for Soldiers Angels

Soldiers' Angels currently supports tens of thousands of American Service Members stationed wherever we raise our nation's flag, and the number continues to grow daily. Soldiers Angels are dedicated in supporting our military during and after their deployment. With our partnership with Soldiers Angels, we are helping them raise funds. If you would like to help support our troops through Soldiers Angels, we donate $10, whenever you place an order on this "Operation Beef Jerky Page. This is not about politics, this is about not forgetting our soldiers in harm's way.

Send hero packs to your favorite soldier. All orders include free shipping and a personalized note from you.

Contact Information:

Janie would love to hear from you or assist you with ordering this high quality jerky. Here's how to find her:

Twitter: House of Jerky
Website: House of Jerky

While you're there, sign up for their Newsletter. You don't want to miss any great deals, especially this close to Christmas.

Thanks again, Janie!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Glade Fragrance Collection Giveaway - 25 Winners

I love coming home to a clean, "yummy" smelling home and, with Glade's Fragrance Collection, you are going to, EVERY time.

Glade's Fragrance Collection consists of:
· Jasmine & Wild Orchid Multi Wick candles

· Jasmine & Wild Orchid Reed Diffusers
· Lotus Bamboo Multi Wick candles
· Lotus Bamboo Reed Diffusers
· Currents & Acai Multi Wick candles
· Currents & Acai Reed Diffusers
The Jasmine and Wild Orchid is the newest scent to be added to the Fragrance Collection.

What is the Fragrance Collection by Glade?

It is a new line of boutique-quality home fragrances offering fine specialty-type products at affordable prices.

Jasmine and Wild Orchid:
A fragrance that summons echos of the exotic East. The freshness of rain-drenched wild orchid petals intermingles with hints of jasmine, pink peony and night blooming orchid to create a lush, floral scent that is relaxing and uplifting.

Currants and Acai
Give yourself over to pure fruity bliss with the delicious scent of Currants and Acai. It's a delightful combination of tart red currants, tangy acai berries and sweet red fruit currants, which is positively bursting with energy, enthusiam and a love for life.

Lotus Bamboo
A fragrance inspired by ancient symbols of purity and good fortune. Lotus bamboo marries beautiful lotus with a touch of citrus, giving way to a creamy bamboo base that turns any room into your personal sanctuary.

Glade carries many products in addition to the Fragrance Collection:

Air Fresheners
Plug Ins
Scented Oil Candles
Flameless Candles
Fabric and Air Odor Eliminators
..... and many more!

Where can you find Glade Products?

You can buy Glade at mass merchandise locations, supermarkets and drug stores.

Or, you can get them Right Here!

Glade has graciously offered to give 25 of my readers, (nope, it's not a typo), a gift pack consisting of a Candle and a Reed Diffuser in their newest scent: Jasmine and Wild Orchid.

Isn't that exciting?

How to Enter:

This giveaway will run through October 5th at 11:59 CST and is open to EVERYONE! You must make sure to leave your contact information if you do not have a blogger link. If I cannot locate you, I will have to draw a new winner.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

Main Entry:

You must follow me publicly. How easy is that? The more followers I have, the better the opportunities that I can bring you.

Extra Entries:

(1) Follow the Fragrance Collection on twitter: Indulge a Little

(2) Tell me your favorite Glade product and in what scent.

(3) Follow Mary from Glade's PR team on twitter: Mary Horvat

(4) Grab my new button and tell me where you put it so I can verify.

(5) Read my post about, leave a comment there, then come back here and let me know you did.

(6) Follow me on twitter: Serene Moments

(7) Tweet about this giveaway and leave the link so I can find it. You can tweet for one extra entry each day. Just remember to come back and comment that you did.

There you go! That is eight initial entries, plus one extra per day until October 5th.

Have fun and Good Luck to you all!