Thursday, March 4, 2010

Layla Grace - Can you help the Marsh family?

My prayers go out to the Marsh Family and their dear, sweet

Layla Grace.

May GOD give them strength, courage and peace.

I am sharing with you this e-mail from Simply faBOWlous. Please help this family in their time of need, if at all possible. Their needs are HUGE, as is their burden. There are many other opportunities available. Others are contributing from sales and, of course, DONATIONS can be made as well.
Thank you.

In honor of precious Layla Grace and in an effort to try to help the Marsh family with their medical bills we have named the Layla Grace Hat.

We know Shanna, Layla's mom, because she reviewed a couple of our products on a blog she used to have blog, Baby Wears Prada, just before Layla became ill in 2009. One of the items she chose to review was our White w/ Pink Peony Crochet Hat.

So, we have decided to donate $5.00 from every Layla Grace Hat sold on-line to the Marsh family for the rest of 2010 (beginning March 1, 2010).

If you need this hat in an INFANT size you may order that size as well...View Infant Size Layla Grace HAT.

We will be sending the money to the family via PayPal Donations at the end of each month as the Layla Grace Hats are sold.

Follow our donations each month on our faBOWlous® blog...Or, for more frequent updates become a of FAN of Simply faBOWlous® on Facebook.

Our fundraiser is running the rest of 2010 so there is no rush. We truly appreciate you considering spreading the word about our fundraiser, and if I can answer any questions you may have I would be happy to do so.

View Layla Grace Hat

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