Thursday, July 23, 2009

100 Followers and 2 will WIN

****This Contest is CLOSED. Thanks for all your participation.****

Made it to 100! Yay! You still have time to win. Drawing is Aug. 2nd, 11:59 pm CST.

******SPECIAL NOTE: For those of you entering the contests, make sure you enter on both blogs. They are SEPARATE contests so you are eligible to win 2 prizes per blog and one on my company website.**********


That's right! I am finally getting close to the 100th follower and I am celebrating with a giveaway!

Here's the plan, once I reach 100 followers, you will be eligible to win one of these:

Look close! That's a candle! I will be giving away one of my Strawberry Cream Pie candles! They look and smell DELICIOUS!

This fabulous candle is one of many that I sell. Haven't heard of my business, SERENE MOMENTS?

Hello, and Welcome to SERENE MOMENTS!

Serene Moments is a line of all natural Candles, Bath and Body, and, recently added, Mineral Makeup.

The Candles are made with vegetable and soy waxes which makes them safe for the environment and nearly 100% Soot-Free. The candle will burn to the bottom, leaving only the metal ring from the wick. Each jar candle will burn up to 120 hours and each votive has a burn time up to 18 hours (each depends on your home conditions). An amazing feature of these candles is that, if spilled, they can be cleaned up with Soap and Water!

I offer an array of scents, approximately 100 and counting, and a new scent is added each month.

The Bath and Body products are all natural as well. We offer a Hand and Foot Lotion, Foaming Hand Wash and, the best bath product of all, the Cleansing Bar. The Cleansing Bar is so pure and natural that it is perfect for your Body and your HAIR. It is perfect for all skin types, has natural moisturizers and key ingredients to repair collagen and restore elasticity to your skin. It is perfect for those who endure dry, scaley skin and will help those suffering from eczema, psoriasis, dandruff and other skin conditions.

The Mineral Makeup is, of course, made up of all natural ingredients. It is a top of the line makeup, such as those that you see on television, however; it is much cheaper.

Each of my products can be viewed at my website: SERENE MOMENTS and can be purchased online or directly through me, which will eliminate your shipping and handling fees.

Make sure you visit this post with the Discontinued Scents. This are limited quantities, but huge discounts.

Again, I am so proud of my new friends I have found here. I wish I could give all of you something for being there for me and hanging out, but the shipping costs would kill me!

The Specifics:

I am looking for the 100th follower. Once I reach that, I am going to pick someone to win a Strawberry Cream Pie Candle. I will give everyone time to sign up but a winner will not be chosen until I hit 100. I need 12 followers to reach that goal so I will give it until August 2nd at 11:59 CST.

Main Entry:

To be eligible, just tell me your favorite candle scent.

2nd Entry:
Go to SERENE MOMENTS and enter the weekly candle drawing. You will be entered there, PLUS I will draw another winner from those entries. Just click on the jar candle that says "Free Drawing".
**Don't panic when you see the boxes at the bottom of the entry form, if they do not fit your needs, just ignore them.**

Don't forget, this contest is also going on at my "Relax and Enjoy all your Serene Moments" blog, so you can win another prize there, however you can only enter the weekly candle drawing once. I will only accept one entry for it in regards to this giveaway. (I do encourage you to enter the website drawing weekly to win. We draw each Monday.)

Top 10 Reasons I am Excited to Stay Home with My Family this Coming Weekend

Who needs BlogHer, really, when I can stay home and ENJOY:

10. The most perfect weather for July, with temps hovering just around 90 degrees.

9. A full weekend playing with my brindle boxer, Tiger. He loves me so much!

8. A whole weekend without housework. I'm all caught up.

7. Couch time with my sweetie, Ollie. (see #1)

6. Hanging with friends of ours we haven't seen since last summer!

5. Quiet time in the country. (see #1)

4. Morning coffee while sitting on the deck in the country with my sweetie. (see #1)

3. Long nights, snuggled up with my sweetie. (see #1)

2. I am spending 4 days at the river with my SWEETIE. (see #1)

And, my Number 1 Reason why I am EXCITED to Stay Home with my Family this coming weekend:

My sweetie, Ollie, is coming home! Yay! I haven't see him in a month and will only see him one weekend a month for the next 9 months or so, until he completes this job in NEBRASKA. So, you can have your party at BlogHer because I have MY BABY! Which, by the way, I can give at LEAST 10 more reasons for staying home, but this is a site for family!

Please, leave me your comments. I am trying for a $100 Cozi sponsorship and it is based on comments received between now and July 27th. THANK YOU!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Special Post from Make-A-Wish: I am Honored

"Tribute Tuesday: Charity Begins With You" - with a twist.

I am so honored to bring this post to you today. This past May, I posted about the Stirring Up Wishes Campaign in which Betty Crocker, in conjunction with Make-A-Wish, began the "12 Wishes in 12 Weeks" campaign to raise funds for Make-A-Wish. They issued a challenge to local chapters to "compete" in raising funds. In my post, I added a link to Make-A-Wish so my followers could go to their website and look around, purchase their items or make a donation.

Two days ago, I received an e-mail from Megan at Make-A-Wish. She had seen the post and, in addition to a very kind "Thank You", she asked if I would like to post the results of their "12 Wishes in 12 Weeks" campaign. Of course, I agreed.

Please take a look and I want to reach out to each of you and ask that you take the time to give of yourself. It doesn't have to be money. Organizations such as Make-A-Wish need volunteers and word-of-mouth, as well as funding. If you are in a position to where you can, please make a donation to this fabulous cause. Also, look at their new campaigns for the summer: "Summer of 5000 Wishes" and "Destination Joy".

Make-A-Wish and Betty Crocker Stirring Up Wishes Campaign Results:

We want to commend all Make-A-Wish® chapters for their efforts to grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions, and thanks to the support of the Stirring Up Wishes™ program, we are pleased to announce the 12 Make-A-Wish chapters that will receive funding for a wish to be granted for a Make-A-Wish kid in their community.

It garnered 146,000 votes (people could vote once per day for their chapter) and the 12 winning chapters are listed below:

1. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Orange County & Inland Empire

2. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Greater Bay Area

3. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Mid-South

4. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Michigan

5. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Utah

6. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Wisconsin

7. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Iowa

8. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Suffolk County, NY, Inc.

9. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of New Hampshire

10. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Tri-Counties

11. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Middle Tennessee

12. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of East Tennessee