Saturday, August 1, 2009

Zuvo Water Purator - Giveaway

Have you noticed that "smell" that comes from your water? I mean, I live in the city so I'm "supposed" to be getting the best water available with just the right amount of this and that to make it perfect. That's what they say.

Mine smells like chemicals. At times, I would swear I was drinking bleach water. And what is that taste? How "GOOD" is our water REALLY?

Fortunately, there is a solution and it is being brought to me and YOU by and Zuvo Water.

Here's the low down:

This week, SheBlogs is giving our blogging community the chance to be healthy AND go green with our sponsored giveaway – brought to us by the new Zuvo Water Purator. Winner of the Summer 2009, Parent Tested/Parent Approved Award, the Zuvo Water Purator is a new point-of-use water treatment system that is not only more cost effective than pitcher filters or bottled water, but also helps people reduce waste and limit the environmental impact of bottled water. This compact, chemical-free water system attaches to a standard kitchen faucet or connects in-line with plumbing under the sink. Using a patented 5-step puration process, the Zuvo Water Purator mimics nature’s water cleansing process by exposing tap water to UV light and ozone, creating a harmful environment for water-borne bacteria and microorganisms, while trapping particles and dissolved solids in a carbon filter. This process not only preserves the valuable mineral content in the water, but it reduces bad tastes, potentially unhealthy contaminants, and cuts down waste. You can learn more about the Zuvo Water system and how it works here

Best of all – Zuvo wants to hear from you and get your thoughts on their environmentally-friendly water purification process. Want to share your thoughts on the amount of waste generated by spring water bottles? Concerned about the ongoing Congressional hearings regarding the potential dangers from the chemicals found in these bottles? Blog about how Zuvo offers a safe, cost-effective solution to either of these problems, and post your link on our contest listing. The FIRST 25 WOMEN WHO POST ABOUT the ZUVO WATER Purator AND SHARE THEIR LINKS ON OUR SITE will get a Zuvo water canteen! But wait, there’s more!

Zuvo Water is graciously giving away FIVE ZUVO WATER PURATORS (retail value $300.00) to our bloggers. All 25 canteen winners will be entered to win one of these great water systems – as will any bloggers past our top 25 who post their links on our comment page. Want extra entries? Tweet or blog about our contest, or link to our contest on your Facebook or other social networking profile. Please use hashtag #ZuvoWater for tracking.

Want more information about the Zuvo Water Purator? Contact Stephanie Friedman at SFM PR. You can reach her by phone at 914-723-8588, or by email at