Friday, January 21, 2011

CMT's Working Class Preview

I was given a chance to review an upcoming series premiere, Working Class. It will be airing on CMT beginning January 28th at 8 ET. When given the opportunity to review Working Class, I was immediately drawn to the cast. I grew up watching Ed Asner (Golden Globe Winner) on television and I had come to enjoy watching Melissa Peterman on Reba.

I will start by telling you one of my 'secrets'. I don't often care for sitcoms. It's true. Most of the time the shows just don't have any substance but I connected with Working Class. It was such a down-to-earth show relating to LIFE. The story line felt familiar, in that it covered day to day problems of life as a single Mom. It showed Carli's (Melissa Peterman) struggles between having to sacrifice crucial time with her children because she has to provide for them. She has learned to rely on the help of others to fill in the gaps for her. I must say, I felt for her. I've been a single parent since 1993 and I know her 'pain'. Every day is a struggle to provide for her family while trying to ensure that they are properly taken care of while you're forced  to work to provide life's necessities for them and are constantly absent. Carli  is forced to sacrifice daily, making cuts to groceries, utilities and time with her children, all while losing sight of who she is and her need to be a woman again.

Carli is able to keep a sense of humor and is willing to make changes to regain control of her life. So inspiring. I really think you're going to enjoy this sitcom, even if you're not a single mom, you'll be able to connect with her and her frustrations. This is about as close to real life as you'll get without watching reality TV.

Don't miss out on, what I think, will be a long running sitcom. Again, it airs on CMT, January 28th at 8 ET.

I was given the opportunity to preview CMT’s “Working Class” through the One2One Network. I was not paid for this review and, as always, my opinions are totally my own