Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Social Toddler Launches Daily Deals

Today is the launch of Social Toddler Daily Deals. They will be offering the best, most unique products for babies, toddlers, and kids at huge discounts. 

If you are interested in receiving the Social Toddler Daily Deals, you can sign-up for the e-mail newsletter at the top of the deal page.

These daily deals have been established as an 'addition' to the Social Toddler network. What is Social Toddler?

About Social Toddler 

Social Toddler® was born out of the desire to streamline the way parents in playgroups communicate with each other. We figured there must be a better way to communicate and keep track of conversations, advice and stories that were collecting in every parent's inbox. Before we knew it, we were falling down the rabbit hole and discovering all of the other things that new parents needed.
Today, Social Toddler® offers local event and activity listings, parenting advice from industry experts, and a social networking platform where parents can find playgroups, plan playdates and meet other moms and dads in their area.

"Here are some of fun things you can do on our site:
- You can start off by telling us a bit more about yourself. Go ahead and add a little description, a photo, and a profile for your kids.
- Try connecting with other moms by joining an online playgroup. Already in a playgroup? Create a place online for your group so you can chat about your kids, share photos, and plan social events.
- Plan birthday parties, playdates, or "grown-ups only" events. Just put in a few quick details and invite some friends."

Social Toddler can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.